Accepted TinyI0I's Contract Builder App

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Out of the Iceberg
Minecraft username: TinyI0I

Discord ID: TinyI0I#1111

Timezone: EST

Age (optional): 16

What is your preferred staff position?: Contract Builder

Tell us about your previous building experience: I've enjoyed building in Minecraft since I first started playing, and I helped develop a Minecraft Server for my school as builder, which put my abilities of building towns, hubs, and community areas to the test. I'm also decent with using worledit for detailing, blocking out shapes, and making larger structures. I'm proficient in a number of different styles and quick with learning new ones as well.

Why do you want this staff position?: I want help redesign Southern Air Temple by copy pasting the land into a test world and tweaking it through worldedit, and afterwards I would love to help out with Republic City.

Additional information (optional): I have a creative/worldedit test server with a bunch more builds/interiors that I can tour any builders around if they want, just dm me for the IP

Please attach/link images of your builds.
Not open for further replies.