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Out of the Iceberg
Minecraft username: RTEStudios

Discord ID: Rte_Studios#5978

Timezone: Eastern Standard (UTC-5)

Age (optional): 29

What is your preferred staff position?: Builder

Tell us about your previous building experience: I am currently a co-owner on another Network called Athandra Network. I helped build spawn and several of the houses at spawn castle. Additionally, I have been a Senior Developer on two other servers one is a Modded Pixelmon Server called Mylona Networks and the other is a 1.17 SMP server my friend is creating for fun. I have designed and built the shops/mall area on those servers and have also designed a rail system for Athandra and the 1.17 server my friend runs.

Why do you want this staff position?: I take care and extreme attention to aesthetic details in my builds both inside and out. I also try to my my builds functional and pleasing to look at. I believe these skills are vitally important as a builder as I have seen many builds from other creators in my 4+ years of MC and building. I know how to turn a modular blocky structure and give it depth and personality. I use many techniques to do this such as offset layouts, architectural integrity to give the build a more realistic appearance as well as the most common strategy eye candy. Eye candy is a building technique that utilizes contrasting color pallets that attract the viewers attention towards that element of the build for example, adding a few elements of blue shutters to a build can really make it pop. (see my Tavern Build in the image submissions below)

Additional information (optional): I tend to build slowly as I like to take my time and not rush a design. I also am not available on Saturday from 1pm EST to 5PM EST since I am a streamer and run a DND game during this time. Also, I do work from home Monday through Friday from 8am to 4:30pm.

Please attach/link images of your builds.

Build Submission 1
Build Submission 2
Build Submission 3
Build Submission 4
Build Submission 5
Build Submission 6
Build Submission 7
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