Denied Moderator Application :o <3

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Out of the Iceberg
Minecraft username: LunihGotU

Discord ID: _Lunih_#1241

Timezone: Pacific Standard Time

Age (optional): 16

What is your preferred staff position?: Trainee mod/mod

How long have you been playing on Avatarverse?:The day the RPG came out :eek: :D

What makes you qualified to be a Moderator on Avatarverse?
(Previous experience moderating, character traits, etc.): Well, I have moderated on different server, which I left since left. I believe my headstrong work ethic and my positive attitude could bring a lot to this server! I love to help out and love to hear out everyone for any problem! I love to make sure everyone is comfortable in every situation whether it's personal or not, I love people and connecting with that, and I believe that is why I am qualified!

Why do you want this staff position?: I want this staff position because I love helping out, I want it because I want to be here for the server and the people of the server. Not for the rank or for the cute name haha! I want to make sure everyone is comfortable with this server and I want to help draw more people into the server by making them feel welcome! I want this position because I'm head strong and love to work, I love to sit around and play this server and make new friends. This position is something I want because I want to be able to help everyone out, whether it be personal or server related. I want to be there :) <3

What is one thing you would want to change about Avatarverse?: I would help change some of the builds around and maybe some of the player issues! I think the builds are cute, but some of them could be worked on! And for the player situation, there are barely any players and I want to help bring new people to this wonderful server and show them how to have fun!

Additional information (optional): nope! <3

Please attach any relevant media or links you want to share (optional). Dont have any ! :eek: <3
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