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Noah Impah.

Out of the Iceberg
Minecraft username: ImplicitlyNoah (Noah Adoria)

Discord ID: ✿Noah✿#8891

Timezone: EST

What is your preferred staff position?: Moderator

How long have you been playing on Avatarverse?: A little over a month.

What makes you qualified to be a Moderator on Avatarverse?
(Previous experience moderating, character traits, etc.): I enjoy helping communities like this one, I truly do cherish the friendly and welcoming environment and I would love to contribute to the staff team and help maintain it. I always look for every opportunity to help out whenever I get the chance, and this position would give me even more chances to help the players here on Avatarverse. I have been a Moderator/Admin on a different avatar server in the past, and I loved the position and all it had to offer.
I am capable of listening to feedback given from other staff members, and I am willing and ready to learn the position and all the responsibilities that come with it. I am eager to prove myself, and always ready to show my love for the server whenever I can. I am no stranger to the effort it takes to be a Moderator, and I understand how to be fair and equal to all players who come my way. I have dealt with many conflicts and I have a lot of experience handling them, I have also made myself very familiar with the rules and I know how to enforce them fairly. I am excited to learn how to moderate on AV, and I am prepared and happy to learn new things that will help me keep a welcoming and active community.
Although I may seem immature at times, I understand how to stay mature and professional when handling issues and when actively moderating the server. And I am ready to take and learn from criticism towards my flaws in moderating.

Why do you want this staff position?: Like I stated previously, I sincerely enjoy helping this community and I would like the ability to help further and impact the community in a positive way. I believe that I can actively support the Avatarverse community and help keep it safe and wholesome.
I was the most active mod at my time on my previous server , and I stayed on the staff team for roughly 6 months untilh the server sadly sut down. I seriously enjoyed the opportunities to help all of the players and have the ability to make sure the community thrived and remained wholesome and welcoming to new and old players alike. I have tons of interest in a position like this, and while I understand that I am pretty new compared to the other staff members, I would be more than grateful to be trusted to such a position. I understand all of the permission that come with it and how important it is to become a moderator. I have seen all of the moderators work and all that they do for the this server, and I have decided that I want to be a part of it. If I was given the opportunity to show off what I can do for the staff team and for the server, I do not doubt my ability to succeed in making it a safer place.

What is one thing you would want to change about Avatarverse?:
It's accessibility to new players. Currently, Avatarverse is an amazing server, and the roleplay is full of unique depth that you can't find anywhere else. But, there are aspects of it that make it harder to pick up on for newer players. I believe that if a staff member (In the circumstances of this question, me.) could keep a wide and accurate summary of the lore and roleplaying in a channel (something similar to #timeline), as well as a channel on the discord to show players how to get started (When they log on for the first time their welcome message would encourage them to join the discord server and go to a "getting started" channel of sorts.), we would keep a lot more players interested. I believe that while our Tik Tok's do well to keep our player count steady, it does not fully convey the RP that a new player would have to dive in to if they wanted to fully enjoy the luxuries our server has to offer to them.

Additional information (optional):
I understand that currently, with the circumstances of our staff team, I will most likely not be accepted due to the vast majority of moderators. But I believe that I can remain very active on both the server and in chat. I can bring to the table my ability to stay respectful to my superiors, and to other players. I can pick up on the commands and such that I would need to help the players, and actively moderate the server with them, as much as I can with my tight schedule. I can be responsive to feedback and advice, and take my position very seriously.
I am truly honored and humbled to be applying for this position, and I am grateful to you for considering and reading my application!
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