Denied mod appication


Out of the Iceberg
Minecraft username: Mathew214453

Discord ID: ꒦꒷˖ ͘ ๑Rob Mayhem#9743

Timezone: pst

Age (optional): 21

What is your preferred staff position?: i would really like to apply for mod.

How long have you been playing on Avatarverse?: i would say something like 5 months or so, feels like even longer though but around 5 months

What makes you qualified to be a Moderator on Avatarverse?

so what i think what makes me qualified is that i have been staff on another server, i applied for a jr mod and i did well, then i decided to quit because i wanted to "flee" to freedom if you know what i mean, i would rather enjoy the game. Something else is that i work really good as a team, i take critique and addapt after it, i follow leads and instructions as well as i can guid people as well. I also have a very good intrest in helping people, both on the discord and in game ofc, i want players to enjoy their stay at the server as i do. to have fun and feel like u belong with the people you meet through the server.

Why do you want this staff position?: As i said, i like helping people, i've had experiences with staff that dont treat the players with the respect they should have, and i want to prevent that from happening to other people, i know how important staff is to players, so i want to be there for them!

What is one thing you would want to change about Avatarverse?: i would atleast help to change the popularity of the server, as we all may know itdoes have their periods where more or less people play on it, i hate to see that because i can see the great potential the server has and it's just so sad that it happends, so i have ideas and plans that could help with that < 3

Additional information (optional): i am a tenzin in the foggy swamp and my gender pronouns is he/him