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Out of the Iceberg
Minecraft username: alaher

Discord ID: 471800739178610689

Timezone: EST/EDT

Age (optional): 14!

What is your preferred staff position?: Media

Tell us about your experience with recording and editing videos: Lots, actually! I have been a media member before I left, for reasons that have been told to both Lauree and Aztl. But I was Head Media Coordinator for Avatarverse and Media member for quite some time! I have also been a social media director for my dads company, Robert J. Events and Catering. We are also working on making a new distillery and I will be in charge of all Social Media Relations. I have been to many video editing, social media control, and many other conventions about social media and different types of ways to get people's attention in videos. I have been doing this for quite some time now!

Why do you want this staff position?: I would like this position on the Avatarverse Staff Team because I want to help bring amazing videos (not that they haven't been already) but I want to bring my skills and other things to the table, so we can get out to other people and show them what we truly are. I would really enjoy coming back to the Media team because I feel It's where I can put all my skills into this server. I would also like the staff position because I have a really nice PC that I got for things just like this. I also feel that if we start making TikToks, twitter posts, and many others we can get out to the rest of the Minecraft/ Gaming community and show them what have and what we can do. I think that if I was brought into the staff team, I would bring high quality videos and many other abilities that we could use!

Additional information (optional): High school is coming up for me soon with Cheer, my show choir and other stuff, so I will be as active as I can be.

Please attach any relevant media or links you want to share to detail your previous experience.

I made other tiktoks they are just privated!!
Not open for further replies.