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Noah Impah.

Out of the Iceberg
Minecraft username: ImplicitlyNoah

Discord ID: ✿Noah✿#8891

Timezone: EST

What is your preferred staff position?: Media

Tell us about your experience with recording and editing videos: I have a youtube channel (Channel name: ImpishNoah) and I know how to edit and record videos really well. I am also able to run high quality shaders smoothly and I am capable of publishing things like quality articles or documents for the news.

Why do you want this staff position?:
I would really enjoy being able to help out however I can! I am always eager for the opportunity to give back to the server and I would be honored to have the task of helping promote the server and helping it grow in size. I will be able to bring to the table my ability to efficiently and actively work on media and news.

Additional information (optional): I would love this role on the staff team because I would like to contribute to the server as much as possible. I can work well with others and take their feedback and use it to evolve and adapt, and I really would like to show you all what I can do with editing and as media!

Please attach any relevant media or links you want to share to detail your previous experience.
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