Denied General5190 Training Moderator application

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Out of the Iceberg
Minecraft username: General5190 (I play on bedrock so that would be *General5190).

Discord ID:when#2263

Timezone: UTC-4 (Atlantic Standard Time, Time zone of Port of Spain).

Age (optional):15 turning 16 as of November

What is your preferred staff position?: Training Moderator or Builder.

How long have you been playing on Avatarverse?: soon to be 9 months, join in October.

What makes you qualified to be a Moderator on Avatarverse?
(Previous experience moderating, character traits, etc.): I'm well aware of the basics in

discord moderation, I've moderated a few servers before but they weren't serious about what they were doing and I acknowledge that I still have a lot to learn thats why i apply for Training Mod

Why do you want this staff position?: To improve AV's security to the best of my ability.

What is one thing you would want to change about Avatarverse?:I'll like to change the order of things, I listen to excuses and think outside the

box of possible things that may or may not be true or not and I LOVE equality.
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