Denied Dhinchak_Panda Ban Appeal

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Out of the Iceberg
I was banned more than 3 months ago (maybe), I don't why and I don't know by whom.....
I want to appeal into a beautiful community because it has been long and I did not mean to hurt anyone.
Recently I joined the server, nit everyone got along but yes a few did.
Though Femke has no rank I once asked her "What did I actually do?" And she replied "Honestly, I cannot think of anything serious"
There have been things told to me by some people about an alt.
I have told anyone who asked that I did not make an alt.
I tried the server, yes because I thought my ban could have been lifted.
The name 'Makhan' was a recent meme where I live, the person could have gotten it.
But I can't prove anything to you except the last time I got on the server, there were no fights, in fact old known people like CeCelia talked to me and it was all nice.

With these points I think my ban should be revoked because its a community worth appealing for again and again.
Not open for further replies.