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Out of the Iceberg
Minecraft username:Combedsuacer325

Discord ID:Combedsaucer#1107


Age (optional):15 (+1 since last time)

What is your preferred staff position?: Mod or helper (even though there is not helper spot id be ok with being the first)

How long have you been playing on Avatarverse?: I have been playing on and off on avatarverse since it was named indigon and before the rpg server was even out. I remember when I got whitlisted to the dev server and played around with avatar while joji (i think that was his name) showed me all the mounts aztl, kam, and him were working on.

What makes you qualified to be a Moderator on Avatarverse?
(Previous experience moderating, character traits, etc.):
I've been a mod on a few discords ranging from a few hundred members to a few thousand members and most recently I was a mod here back when it was named indigon. I also have spent time as a admin on another Minecraft server.

Why do you want this staff position?:Because I want to help this server grow and expand more then it has. Recently i've noticed a few more player on the server and I would like to help build upon that and get more players.

What is one thing you would want to change about Avatarverse?: I would change the transportation slightly to allow for a /home bed because to my knowledge its only /home. I would also like to have more events then there are even though there are events already

Additional information (optional): Hellos
Not open for further replies.