Accepted Builders Application


Out of the Iceberg
Minecraft username: SashaDecassian

Discord ID: farahandarzi

Timezone: CET

Age (optional): 20

What is your preferred staff position?: Builder for the server

Tell us about your previous building experience: I have been building in Minecraft as a hobby for a while, designed a previous medieval city on my precious laptop with various other builds, but unfortunately got lost when i switched laptops. I have also been accepted to Architecture at TU Eindhoven and Brighton University, but decided to do a different study.

Why do you want this staff position?: Even though I decided to do something different in my personal life I still enjoy building and designing.

Additional information (optional): On the server I also am a Designer for the Air Nation, having done some minor projects for them.

Please attach/link images of your builds.

click here for builds
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Thanks for your application! It is now under review.