Under Review Builder Application


Out of the Iceberg
Minecraft username: Maxwellstudios

Discord ID: Max is (Not) Well#5475

Timezone: EST

Age (optional): 19

What is your preferred staff position?: Builder

Tell us about your previous building experience: I have done building in minecraft for the past ~7 years. I had building experience on this server roughly a year and a half ago (Although not for long), but I've been builder on a few servers over the years, and I owned and operated my own server for roughly 2 years.

Why do you want this staff position?: I've recently come back to the server after some past drama, and decided to help out.

Additional information (optional): There was talk about a year ago by my friend Silvermusketeer about helping build some stuff, although I don't think that would have any grounds on this.

Please attach/link images of your builds.
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