Denied Builder Application: ZarvidNoom

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Out of the Iceberg
Username: Zarvidnoom
Discord ID: ZarviMoon#1823
Timezone: Central Daylight Time
Age: 13
Desired Staff Position: Builder
Prev Building Experience: I build On My Realm Somewhat frequently I also Build On My Friends Aternos server
I build my own minitown Which Took a Long Time And I will Attach some pictures of what it looks like right now but its not finished i also have built On Various Creative Servers On and Off Of which i dont have Pictures For
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Why I want staff: So There are 3 reasons 1 of which is personal, 1 To Better The server By Building in areas that look sparse or barren Interior design and things like that. #2 Making arenas and New Areas For Bending Or Recreating iconic areas to Have as a Duel Or as a arena. #3 AKA The personal 1 I want blue fire Yeah ik im adding this in and i might get denied for it but im being honest I want blue fire and if i dont get its thats Fine By Me
Additional inf: Uh i like The Color Scarlet? (idk man)upload_2020-8-18_8-33-18.png
Thats Some Of The Stuff I Built On My friends town
SO thats my Application And Have A great day!


Staff member
Thanks for your application! It is now under review.
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