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Noah Impah.

Out of the Iceberg

Minecraft username: ImplicitlyNoah (IRP Noah Impa)

Discord ID: ✿Noah✿#8891

Timezone: EST

What is your preferred staff position?: Builder

Tell us about your previous building experience: I have been a head-builder on a different avatar server, but that one has been dead, I have been building and exploring the realms of possibility with building for years now, I have perfected most of my styles, as well as terraforming and exterior/interior building.

Why do you want this staff position?: I am very interested in this community's active builds and such and I think I can bring to the table my activeness and building skills. I believe that this position on the staff team will enable me to truly express what I can give back to this wonderful community, as well as test my building knowledge and give me a chance to impress. I can promise to not abuse my role and permissions as a builder in any way shape or form. I have been as high as an administrator on past servers so I am no stranger to what this role would entail. And I truly cherish this wonderful community and all it has to offer.

Additional information (optional): I understand that I am relatively new to the server, but I have spent many hours here (around 100) and each of them is filled with fun new challenges and things to do. I understand the power and responsibility that comes with representing the staff team and who they choose to be a part of them. I have experience with such a role and I understand the circumstances of how new I am and how I might not be trustworthy. But I would be nothing less than honored and grateful if you would consider my application, I truly believe that you would not be making a mistake by accepting my application. I would be more than glad to help as much as I can. And if there are already too many builders, I completely understand, under those circumstances I would likely apply to become a moderator. Thank you so much for your time and for checking out my application.

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