Under Review Build Application


Out of the Iceberg
Minecraft username: DrowsyCody

Discord ID: DrowsyCody#1037

Timezone: EST

Age (optional): 19

What is your preferred staff position?: Builder

Tell us about your previous building experience: Been playing Minecraft since 2011 built on and off over the years im really more into building buildings/towns and scenery(forest, Lakes, smaller mountains but i can do bigger ones)

Why do you want this staff position?: to help the server feel more alive, lived in, with as much history as the shows and as accurate to the universe and timeline

Additional information (optional): for this app im submitting a build of Senlin (Hei Bai's Village) set a few decades after atla when Senlin becomes a thriving Textile town with misc. markets in town as well as a small hospital, flower shop, tea shop, the newly established church of Hei bai where villagers go to pay respects to the spirit, low income housing, and church on the west side, upper middle class housing, school, and factory in the town center and and middle class on the east side. i also built the town hall/palace. Just at the forest edge outside of town there is the Hai Bai statue where avatar aang mediated on. most of the interiors are bare except for a few such as tea shop, hospital, church, community café and, factory, thanks for your consideration.

Please attach/link images of your builds.


Out of the Iceberg
little update: ive been getting into world painter so if you are gonna need help with a spirit world map in the future thats something i might be useful for! <3 also getting acquainted with world edit all my builds in my portfolio only use the built in Minecraft build/terrain edit features.