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Out of the Iceberg
I posted a video in my blog thing with no words or context because my blog was kind of just silent for a good 3 days and I didn't know what to post there. Also, the video wasn't making fun of that person whatso ever, and if they clicked on the vid and went to the account, they would've seen it was that person's actual account and not someone making fun of them, It’s understandable on how they thought i was making fun of them, although I wasn't. Seeing as how I didn't provide any words or context to explain why I posted it, it would've been taken badly by the public eye
And it was one thing that no one told me to take down until Lauree did
And I did take it down
And I was still banned after that
And “weeks ableism” means it would have to have been constant
Although disrespect to player.. yeah there's nothing to say I just don't like some of the players cause they be aggravating af.


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