How to play

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How to play:

Java Edition (PC)

  1. Launch Minecraft using any version from 1.8 to the current version. The Optifine mod is needed to see the custom mobs.
  2. Click "Multiplayer".
  3. Click "Add Server".
  4. Enter "" in the "Server Address" bar.
  5. Click "Done".
  6. Double-click the server or click it and then press "Join Server".

Bedrock Edition (Mobile and Windows 10)

  1. Launch Minecraft: Bedrock Edition.
  2. Click "Play".
  3. Click the "Servers" tab.
  4. Scroll down the left sidebar and click "Add Server".
  5. Enter "" in the "Server Address" bar.
  6. Choose a name for the server entry; it doesn't actually matter what you put.
  7. Click "Save", then click the server and press "Join Server".


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